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Match Race League 1 (Group C) country: TUR
eSailing Club Turkey

date: Sun 10 October 21:30 (UTC)
Status: Running, 20 /45 completed

Match Race League 1

Regatta format : Round-Robin
Match format : Fixed with 3 games
Participants: 10 Registered , 10 Racing


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Powered by | Made for esailing | The reference platform for your esailing events.


Flight #1

  Timur_Cpt Slow_piratclass        Tur 12  
  Rivadelgarda        BartuOzgur  
  Sailor_CF        Can Ertürk  
  KeremMYK        Baris Kantekin  
  Demir222        empty  

Flight #2

  KeremMYK        Sailor_CF  
  empty        Rivadelgarda  
  Baris Kantekin        Timur_Cpt Slow_piratclass  
  Can Ertürk        Tur 12  
  BartuOzgur        Demir222  

Flight #3

  Can Ertürk        Baris Kantekin  
  BartuOzgur        empty  
  Tur 12        KeremMYK  
  Timur_Cpt Slow_piratclass        Sailor_CF  
  Rivadelgarda        Demir222  

Flight #4

  Sailor_CF        Rivadelgarda  
  KeremMYK        Timur_Cpt Slow_piratclass  
  empty        Tur 12  
  Baris Kantekin        BartuOzgur  
  Demir222        Can Ertürk  

Flight #5

  BartuOzgur        Can Ertürk  
  Tur 12        Baris Kantekin  
  Timur_Cpt Slow_piratclass        empty  
  Rivadelgarda        KeremMYK  
  Demir222        Sailor_CF  

Flight #6

  Rivadelgarda        Timur_Cpt Slow_piratclass  
  Sailor_CF        Tur 12  
  KeremMYK        BartuOzgur  
  empty        Can Ertürk  
  Baris Kantekin        Demir222  

Flight #7

  empty        KeremMYK  
  Baris Kantekin        Sailor_CF  
  Can Ertürk        Rivadelgarda  
  BartuOzgur        Timur_Cpt Slow_piratclass  
  Demir222        Tur 12  

Flight #8

  Baris Kantekin        empty  
  Can Ertürk        KeremMYK  
  BartuOzgur        Sailor_CF  
  Tur 12        Rivadelgarda  
  Timur_Cpt Slow_piratclass        Demir222  

Flight #9

  Tur 12        BartuOzgur  
  Timur_Cpt Slow_piratclass        Can Ertürk  
  Rivadelgarda        Baris Kantekin  
  Sailor_CF        empty  
  KeremMYK        Demir222  

10 Registered Participants for this Regatta

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