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TR Cup 2 Group 1
Team Race League

date: Tue 14 July 21:00 (LISBON)
Status: Finished [pv]

Group 1 round robin stage for the TR Cup
Sailing Frogs: Captain Voiles de Metz; FanchVR (Fran├žois), xav-nice, THE MAB
Virtual Intercourse: Captain Arthur2170000; AlteredCarbon, Bradley Adam
Team ESL: Captain Lukas Mohr; asere, RoxyJoni
Team 541TOPsailcoach: Captain louis541TOPsailcoach; carlos541TOPsailcoach, jesus541TOPsailcoach, rausanlag, ramon732
BULLDOG: Captain Jose Rother; maxi3680, juan albamonte, optinic
N91 Team: Captain Nazaa91; shdeed, barraq33, RASASH

Regatta format : Round-Robin
Match format : BoF with 1 games
Participants: 6 Registered , 6 Racing


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Nazaa 91 (N91 Team)         DWND Lukas Mohr (Team ESL)  
Nazaa 91 (N91 Team)         Voiles de Metz (Sailing Frogs)  
Nazaa 91 (N91 Team)         VIC - Farley (Virtual Intercourse) 
Nazaa 91 (N91 Team)         CNS-Louis1948 (Team 541TOPsailcoach) 
Nazaa 91 (N91 Team)         Jose Rother (BULLDOG) 
DWND Lukas Mohr (Team ESL)         Voiles de Metz (Sailing Frogs)  
DWND Lukas Mohr (Team ESL)         VIC - Farley (Virtual Intercourse) 
DWND Lukas Mohr (Team ESL)         CNS-Louis1948 (Team 541TOPsailcoach) 
DWND Lukas Mohr (Team ESL)         Jose Rother (BULLDOG) 
Voiles de Metz (Sailing Frogs)         VIC - Farley (Virtual Intercourse) 
Voiles de Metz (Sailing Frogs)         CNS-Louis1948 (Team 541TOPsailcoach) 
Voiles de Metz (Sailing Frogs)         Jose Rother (BULLDOG) 
  VIC - Farley (Virtual Intercourse)        CNS-Louis1948 (Team 541TOPsailcoach) 
  VIC - Farley (Virtual Intercourse)        Jose Rother (BULLDOG) 
  CNS-Louis1948 (Team 541TOPsailcoach)        Jose Rother (BULLDOG) 

6 Registered Participants for this Regatta

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